Social media campaigns

One of our more common short-term services is creating social media content for targeted campaigns, companies, documentary releases, and platform managements. We focus primarily on Instagram and Tiktok content, but create content tailored to the needs of the client.



Gillette Venus

This campaign was aimed to rally petition signatures for 30x30, a progressive initiative to protect 30% of the global ocean and 30% of land by 2030. Through Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), 30x30 can help restore the health of essential ocean ecosystem to sustain critical habitats.


Coral Reef Extinction

TED Countdown

This video was part of a series of short-form Tiktoks created through Ecotok to encourage young activists to attend TED Countdown, a virtual climate conference aimed to address and mobilize climate action in October 2020. 


Lonely Whale

The Plastic Free President campaign through Lonely Whale was aimed to amplify signatures for a petition to demand President Biden to take action on plastic pollution. The proposed plastic initiatives included removal of subsidies, international partnerships, and critical legislation to hold polluters accountable. Created in partnership with Ecotok.


How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates through Gates Ventures

This video was part of a series created through Ecotok to teach dense climate concepts presented in Bill Gates' latest book, as well as promote the release. My video focused on green premiums - an economic barrier to widespread access and usage of clean energy. 

Cost of Silence Documentary

presented by Sundance

Through their marketing company, I created a promotional and educational video to drive viewers to the virtual premiere of the film, teach the impacts of oil spills, and drive criticism toward President Trump's offshore drilling plans in Alaska.