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With a focus on increasing ocean and climate literacy, we strive to make conservation education accessible. Our goal is to empower, inspire, and mobilize marine conservationists across the globe. All are welcome. Teaching and understanding these concepts can be hard, explore our resources to support you.

Please reach out directly for guest speaking and event opportunities.


With sponsorship from Gillette Venus, we hosted a 2-day virtual workshop for young women to learn from older female marine biologists about the field. This workshop hosted 60+ girls and covered topics from how to negotiate, finding your niche, dealing with sexism, landing your dream job, and more. 

Together, we cultivated a space for women to feel empowered to break barriers in the field and follow their dreams to conserve our oceans. 

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Made possible with funding from National Geographic Society, Ocean Connections is a 5-day, hands-on climate curriculum made for adolescent students. Across 5 modules, students will be taught tools in solving the challenges that face our ocean and the rest of the planet. Video lessons, accompanied by activities and discussions, allow students to play an active role in solutions while increasing ocean literacy. This curriculum is entirely free and can be taught and adapted by any teacher. Reach out to us directly if you're interested in getting Ocean Connections into your classroom. Available now. Learn more.

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Follow the journey of Penny, the plastic bottle cap that accidentally ends up in the ocean. Throughout her adventure, she learns why she should be disposed of responsibly.

Best for ages: 2-5

Concepts: Environmental responsibility, stewardship, marine wildlife, recycling


Details: This ebook can be read on a Kindle, using the free Kindle app, or on a laptop.