8 Steps to a Sustainable Home

Updated: Jan 21

Redecorating your home is something we've probably all at least considered during quarantine. It's exciting and fun to make your space distinctly your own. Updating your space can be much gentler on the planet if you take just a few mindful steps - it will be more economical too!

In addition to buying zero waste sustainable stationery for your note writing and list needs, take these sustainable steps during redecoration to tread a little lighter on Mama Earth.

1. Use Organic Materials

When you buy linens and towels, look for items that are made from natural, organic fibers. Some of the best fibers you can buy for these products are hemp and bamboo. They could cost more than other products, but they will last longer and are not toxic. This is for when you are choosing to invest in high quality, lifetime pieces that won't fall apart in a few years. Check out Ecoist for earth-friendly products made from sustainable materials.

2. Use Natural Materials

Select home decor pieces made from wood or bamboo over plastics. You can find decor items that do not have chemical finishes, too. It is a good idea to avoid leather and use animal-friendly options for your furniture as well. After all, animal welfare and environmental welfare are quite intersectional.

3. Select Handmade Items

Buy handmade items; it’s an affordable and sustainable way to decorate your home. You could spend more upfront but handmade items tend to last longer than items made in a factory. Plus, when you buy from a small business craftsman, you are supporting someone’s business.

Locally thrifted finds.

4. Look at Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

Thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales are good options to find home decor items at a low price. Plus, you are recycling items, which is the ultimate way to be more sustainable. I love thrift shopping because I can find one-of-a-kind classic items that can't be replicated!

5. Do It Yourself

Try making some of your own home decor or furniture items. You can pick up low-cost or free pieces and make them into original pieces that speak to your style in your home. It may be a bit challenging, but I guarantee you will love the item that much more knowing you made it, or refurbished it, with your own hands.

6. Buy Non-Toxic Paints

If you want to paint some rooms, make sure you buy paint that is non-toxic or at least low volatile organic compounds. In general, these toxins are inhaled and can have poor effects on your health. You want your home to a safe space, free of toxins. For this one, its worth the extra dollar or two.

7. Try Soy Candles

Candles are a great way to add ambiance, but try to keep things non-toxic and green with soy candles. These are high-quality candles that do not emit dangerous toxins. Plus they last longer than regular candles, so you will save in the long run. I made my own using a quick recipe, but you can buy them too!

8. Get Some Plants

Real plants are a good way to keep your rooms green and your air clean. You can ask friends and families for cuttings of their plants to grow yours affordably - propagating some specific is quite easily! Here are the top 35 easiest indoor plants to keep alive. Try some bowls, pans or old coffee pots for your planters and make the space your own! Make sure to drill a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Try these sustainable home decor tips the next time you want to redecorate for a unique look that is good for the environment. Let me know how it goes, and share your own tips and tricks with me on my social media.

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